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Build a Stronger Team

Franchisors and franchisees rely on accessible, relevant, and up to date information in order to make informed operating decisions. Unfortunately, the large scale and subtle intricacies associated with the franchise industry often mean that channels of communication and informational flow are poorly managed. Ultimately, this hurts sales, growth, productivity, and brand image.

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  • Connect

    Mend the disconnect between the franchisor and franchisee

  • Move Faster

    Provide franchisors and franchisees a powerful set of tools

  • Be Accessible

    Ensure that vital information is accessible to all parties

Sell Efficiently

No matter the source of your leads, FRM seamlessly integrates with all of your lead sources and provides you the all-important, “speed to lead” that you require.  FRM will also assure the consistent management of your process and keep your team on task with their candidates.

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  • Candidate Engagement

    Keep candidates engaged and on track on their path to success

  • Enable Candidates

    Lay down a track for your candidates to follow and guide their discovery

  • Monitor Activity

    Enable your team to identify which candidates to focus on 

Meet Compliance Standards

A franchise company can only operate and have sustainable growth if there is a consistent experience. But a franchisor can only truly manage expectations through legal and compliance. When you own the franchise, you’re trusting people to deliver on the promise of your brand, and what’s a brand if it’s not a promise?

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  • Track Compliance

    Track compliance needs  for all your franchisees

  • Aggregate Compliance Data

    Aggregate franchisee data for simpler processes

  • Get the Data You Need 

    Easily generate dashboards for online reporting

Sustainable Growth

Once a new franchisee has been accepted, the next most important day in the life of a franchisor is the day that unit opens for business. Managing all of the moving parts in that process is what FRM helps you accomplish. Whether the location is virtual or has a physical site, FRM gives you a tool to assist with real time collaboration on Gantt style charts for each and every project under management. Triggers, alerts and task dependencies assure logical relationship management to track all milestones and communicate them accordingly.

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  • See Franchise Locations

    Alignment of new franchise locations to the geographic area

  • Get the Access You Need

    Gain access from mobile devices for all appropriate stakeholders

  • Manage Projects

    Access project management tools to track build out and construction