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Operations and Support


Franchisors and franchisees rely on accessible, relevant, and up to date information in order to make informed operating decisions. Unfortunately, the large scale and subtle intricacies associated with the franchise industry often mean that channels of communication and informational flow are poorly managed. Ultimately, this hurts sales, growth, productivity, and brand image.

FRM Solutions mends this disconnect between the franchisor and franchisee by providing each with a powerful set of tools – which ensure that vital information is accessible.

Franchise Operations and Support Features

Tools for the Franchisor:

  • Provides an interface for viewing and managing complaints about locations/stores
  • Creates a workflow that automatically escalates important support issues
  • Easy scheduling and tracking of store inspections through template action plans built in to the FRM Solutions platform
  • Allows quick access to inspection reports to identify poorly performing locations/stores
  • Identifies training and support issues before they become bigger problems
  • Aggregates franchisee data
  • POS Integration

Tools for the Franchisee:

  • Builds a searchable knowledge base of common issues, resolutions, articles, and self-help tips
  • Allows exchange of ideas and collaboration across your network of franchisees with FRM Solutions peer forum capabilities
  • Includes CRM for franchisees
  • Provides an easy-to-use web portal for franchises to view announcements, compliance documents, training materials, sales data, support cases and dashboards
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