Franchise Recruitment

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Franchise Recruitment

franchise recruitment
No matter the source of your leads, FRM seamlessly integrates with all of your lead sources and provides you the all-important, “speed to lead” that you require.  FRM will also assure the consistent management of your process and keep your team on task with their candidates.

Franchisors need to keep candidates engaged and on track – and that simply does not just happen… It must be directed.  FRM’s solution to this is our Candidate Gateway: where you will lay down a track for your candidates to follow and guide their self-directed discovery, enabling them to always see where they are in the process, where they are headed next, and what they should expect to encounter along the way.  Candidate activity in the Gateway is tracked on the Seller’s dashboard, enabling your team to identify which candidates they should be focusing their time and energy on, as they are the prospects that are complying with your process and are most likely to continue tracking positively through the funnel.

High performance Fran Dev. Professionals work best with structured licensing systems and when empowered with the appropriate tools required, to manage all the blips on their radar screens.

FRM is flexible in terms of applying your existing workflows to our technology, or assisting you with the development of best practices to help you establish workflows, FRM Solutions is cloud-based, integrates with any operating system or e-mail client, and leverages tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Franchise Recruitment Features

FRM Solutions’ uniquely flexible platform assists with the management of:

  • Automation of your franchisee application process
  • Reduction of time spent qualifying franchise candidates with FRM’s automated lead scoring engine, which can assign lead ratings to new candidates based on: financial data, past application history, or franchisee potential
  • Routing new, qualified leads to the appropriate qualification and sales personnel, based on geography, opportunity size, level of qualification and lead score
  • Nurturing leads through automated multi-touch campaigns, designed to keep your brand “top-of-mind” with prospects
  • Viewing and accessing critical prospect and franchisee information in a single system, shared by many, across your organization
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Outlook for easy access to contacts, calendars, tasks and email communications – no more flipping back and forth between systems or ‘copy-and-paste’ of emails from one system to the other.
  • Item 23 compliant electronic disclosure and receipting, with multiple options for signature.
  • Storage of all documents, agreements, and contracts related to applicants, franchisees, and partners in the cloud, or in an easy-to-use Microsoft interface
  • Set-up and execution of sales programs and management of national accounts
  • Access to important prospective franchisee information and documents remotely and on mobile devices

Forecasting growth and measuring performance guides.  Directing day-to-day operations as well as strategy and focus. No longer must you just work from simple spreadsheets and cobbled-up, time consuming, restrictive report templates.

  • View and manage personalized pipeline reports and forecasts
  • Measure quotas and goals against actual performance numbers with one-click access to reports by sales representative, geography, or category
  • Present executive-level dashboards for a snap-shot of your franchise’s sales activity – on-demand
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