Legal Franchise Compliance

Legal Franchise Compliance

A franchise company can only operate and have sustainable growth if there is a consistent experience. But a franchisor can only truly manage expectations through legal and compliance.
When you own the franchise, you’re trusting people to deliver on the promise of your brand, and what’s a brand if it’s not a promise?

Therefore, keeping a franchisee compliant is important – you can do that with FRM. Your franchisees have to stay true to the experience of your brand.  We all know that franchise documents and compliance agreements are intense (and rightly so!), but they are the glue that holds everything together – even when there’s over 200 units.

Legal and Franchise Compliance Features:

Let FRM help ensure that glue stays sticky. Out-of-the-box, FRM Solutions can:

  • Compliance Tracking for All Franchisees
  • Alerts and Reminders to Keep You On Track
  • Aggregation of Franchisee Data
  • Online Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Registration / Renewals
  • Item 23 Compliant e-Receipts
  • Easily Generate Dashboards
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