Unit Deployment

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Unit Deployment


Once a new franchisee has been accepted, the next most important day in the life of a franchisor is the day that unit opens for business.  Managing all of the moving parts in that process is what FRM helps you accomplish.  Whether the location is virtual or has a physical site, FRM gives you a tool to assist with real time collaboration on Gantt style charts for each and every project under management.  Triggers, alerts and task dependencies assure logical relationship management to track all milestones and communicate them accordingly.

Franchise Unit Deployment Features

FRM Solutions helps your team carry the load with tools for managing build-out and document management. It even provides access from mobile devices so that all the appropriate stakeholders in the various stages of the process are equipped with access to “real-time” data, information, and access to documents.  We accomplish this by enabling the following:

  • Alignment of new franchise locations to the geographic area, or DMA, with the highest potential by comparing against existing stores, competitors, and anchor brands.
  • Complete tracking of all franchisee agreements, building attributes, owners, and vendors
  • Cloud-based project collaboration, allows for the sharing of information between the franchisor, franchisee and all interested parties.
  • Project management tools to track build out /construction
  • Task alerts for updates on pending or completed project tasks
  • Remote and mobile access to key project details
  • Integration to Microsoft Outlook for simple task management
  • Uploading of plans, photos and other relevant documents
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