Premier Support

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Premier Support

Sometimes you deal with development or technical issues which go beyond the basic level of support. Premier Support cases benefit from a 1 business day initial response and are funneled to our most skilled consultants. Examples of Premier Support include: 

Get support when you need it. Whether you have how-to questions, technical issues, or need developer support, we give you fast, expert answers.

  • Troubleshooting and system configuration 
  • User management, security role changes and remote access support 
  • Client Success Manager (CSM) access, beyond contracted services
  • Configuration of lead captures and creation of email templates and campaign triggers 
  • Customizations, including workflows, reports and entity/field additions or changes 
  • Administration services for ongoing application maintenance 

FRM readily provides additional training under the Premier Support program: 

  • Personalized training and re-fresher training 
  • Training plans and role-based learning paths 
  • Personalized training videos or guides to troubleshoot critical areas of learning

When you submit a support case online, you’ll receive a message that all support cases are by default considered Premier Support, unless determined otherwise.