New Feature Release – January 2018

New Feature Release – January 2018

This is the first new feature release of the new year! The January 2018 release of FRM has some updates that we think you’ll really benefit from. We’ll start with the smaller updates and then save the best for last.

FRM New Feature Release & Improvements

This release contains updates to user management, reporting, drip campaigns and email, activity feed, and map functionality.

1. User Management: first on the list is a forced user password change feature. This allows you to enforce a password change on new users added to the support portal.

2. Reporting: the updated pivot reports now include more fields to filter from. Open, Won, and Lost are still available options in the added drop-down menu.

FRM Reporting - Pivot Table Updates

3. Activity Feed: users can now find the Activity Feed on the location form. This gives users a faster and simpler way to find this information without having to scroll through the menu.

FRM Activity Feed on Location Form

4. Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns and Text Messages can now be delivered in bulk using a marketing list.

FRM Bulk Email & Text

Now it’s time for the meat and potatoes portion – the features we’ve saved for last.

5. New Email Builds: the Insert Template dialog box has also been improved to show users a list of templates in one window. Additionally,  users can search for templates in the dialog box.

FRM Email Templates

Last, but not least, is the update to the Map functionality.

6. Map Search: this is a great feature for tracking down franchise locations, territories of interest, and market saturation with the ability to filter within a radius.

FRM Map Search Navigation

You can plot locations on a map via Text Search, for example, a specific city, then view any associated record with that location. Click on those records and you’ll then see a pin-drop of the location plotted on the map.

FRM Map Search

All FRM clients will have access to this new feature but, if you’re using the FIM (Franchise Information Management) module you’ll have more data points to view and plot.

When to Expect Changes

Updates will begin rolling out over the next few weeks! In the meantime, if you have any questions reach out to us at

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