FRM New Version Release – March 2017

FRM New Version Release – March 2017

We’re excited to share the latest features and the benefits our clients will gain from them in the new version release – March 2017 of FRM. This new release starts rolling out over the next few weeks. So, without further ado, check out some of the things you can expect in the upgrade!

Area of Protection Maps

Area of Protection is now visible on maps.  You can now easily see where current franchise locations exist against where areas of interest are with potential franchisees. Another feature includes the ability to specify location radius based on your own criteria. As a franchisor, you can easily view current locations in an area to ensure a location of interest from a candidate is available.

FDD – Multiple User Submission

Now, within FRM, FDDs, Franchise Disclosure Documents, can now be sent as another user. This is beneficial when needing to send documents from a person that is out of reach. Teams can more easily move processes forward creating more efficiency! See the below screen shot.


Bulk SMS

Send bulk SMS messages. You can send text messages to a large audience all at once! This is great for candidates who like to be communicated with via text and choose it as their primary source of communication.

Other New Features – FRM New Version Release – March 2017

  1. Lead Source now sets automatically via email capture sources
  2. The CRM record owner is now notified when a text message is received to a candidate
  3. The CRM Mobile app has enabled dashboards and additional entities
  4. User Signature is now automatically added to manually created emails
  5. Added calendar to the Sitemap in web client
  6. Site visits can now be saved while in progress
  7. Additional data points are now included in the metrics for leads to Campaign Cost Metrics report

Let us know in the comments how you plan on using the new features of the update and stay tuned for our next release!


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