IFA: Open for Opportunity

IFA: Open for Opportunity

It’s hard to believe, but this was my 25th IFA Convention. IFA membership and participation have always been an important part of my career in franchising. And now, more than ever, there is so much work to do, as we protect our beloved brand of franchising.

There are myriads of local, state, and federal legislators out there, along with special interest groups and others, who simply just don’t get it, or understand who we are and what we are all about.

Each week, “Franchise Today,” my weekly podcast, brings forward a voice of a seasoned pro in franchising, to help those still rising, learn from the experiences of “those who came before.” For Convention, I assembled dozens of these voices from right there on the Convention floor. From newbies to luminaries, there was a powerful, common thread in the messages they all delivered. We’ve linked that episode up, so you can give it a listen, right here. The Many Voices of Franchising.

Let me add my voice to those dozens recorded and suggest that IFA’s Open for Opportunity Theme really nails what the franchising culture is all about.  With IFA’s permission, I have linked their Open for Opportunity website to this blog.  As a company and the individuals comprising it, all of us at FRM Solutions are proud to be associated with IFA and its initiatives.  I invite you to ping Cassidy or me with any questions, thoughts or opportunities to help you engage more deeply in IFA, and of course, in FRM, as well.  In either case, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.  Together, we are franchise strong and collectively, we are Open for Opportunity!


About the Author:

Stan Friedman, CFE is a 30-year franchise executive, veteran franchisor and President of FRM Solutions, a “franchise-centric: technology company. FRM enables franchisors to better manage their relationships with prospective and existing franchisees. Stan is a member of the IFA Supplier Board, a Board Member of the Southeast Franchise Forum and a founding Board Member of the IFA Diversity Institute. In 2011, the IFA honored Stan with its Ronald E. Harrison Diversity Award, previously awarded only seven times in IFA’s 5o+ year history. Stan also co-hosts Franchise Today, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with C-level franchisors, franchisees and suppliers, all of whom share nuggets with the audience, about how they’ve achieved sustainable growth, through “sensible” franchising.