Meet FRM’s Marketing Technology Guru

Meet FRM’s Marketing Technology Guru

The Customer Journey Matters

Margaret Wise is FRM’s Chief Revenue Officer and resident marketing technology guru, but her top skill (and challenge) is keeping us all in line!

FRM has a unique relationship with Arke Systems, and Margaret plays a key role in the success of both. Not to mention she has years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This gives her insight into many business models across almost every industry, which she uses to help our clients understand and enhance their potential franchisees’ customer journeys.

In Her Own Words

Watch as Margaret talks about her passion for marketing technology and how she drives results by heightening a franchise candidate’s buying experience.

Irreplaceable Teammate

Margaret isn’t one to boast, so we’ll boast for her—We couldn’t do our jobs without her. She stays behind the scenes, but her impact is tangible in the way we serve our clients and expand our reach.

Thanks for all you do for our team, Margaret!

If you would like to learn more about how Arke and FRM can help you solve your technology problems, contact Margaret through our website, or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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