New Feature Release–September 2020

New Feature Release–September 2020

FRM announced in March 2020 that we are now issuing an ongoing series of rolling updates. In September 2020, we released one of our most significant updates in a year, which included several new exciting features.

Many of the upgrades of version 3.15.0 impact our ability to serve our clients better behind the scenes, enabling our team to create workflows, provide support, and troubleshoot fixes more quickly.

More specifically, some of the new client-facing features include:

  • Search Actions—Catch up on one of our all-time coolest features by watching our highlight video: Automate Processes Through FRM Search Actions. Trigger an action using a workflow whenever anything changes on a saved view
  • Totally Upgraded User Management Tool—A “E-Signature Template Manager” security role is now available. You can designate limited roles to key compliance staff.
  • Track Temporary Closures—Talk to us about how this might be integrated with Yext or other platforms to automatically update mobile apps or online listings.
  • Track Guarantors—A guarantor can be a contact or a company, and doesn’t have to be location-specific
  • Site Visit Upgrade—You’ll notice exponentially faster load and save times. In addition, experience updated interface, better usability, real-time scoring and improved downloading of pictures and attachments from the app
  • Location Auto-Numbering—This can be done by brand, and each brand can have its own numbering system

To read the full product release notes for version 3.15.0, visit our Online Resource Center.

Our support and development teams are on standby to answer any questions about the new upgrades. Simply submit a support ticket and one of our team members will respond as soon as possible.

Finally, our Account Director is available to show you new solutions to maximize your end-to-end use of FRM. Submit a contact form on our website for more information.


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