People Dependent or Systems Reliant?

People Dependent or Systems Reliant?

The FRM Difference for Legal and Compliance Professionals – “1 Click” Item 20 Reporting, Plus: Easily Sortable, Reportable and Dashboardable Data and Information

As the FRM Solutions team gears up for IFA’s Legal Symposium, we have also taken some time to reflect on a few of the events that we have already participated in this year, including the IFA Annual Convention, the UnConference and the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference.   No matter where my travels take me, a two-part question that I hear asked repeatedly is, “What’s trending in Franchising and how do brands that grow rapidly support all of the ‘zees that they serve?

Well, the answer is that those who build for sustainable growth are doing so with tools that demonstrate that they are more than just people dependent, but also systems reliant!

Yes – systems reliance is the key to scalable growth. And one such key, specifically for legal and compliance professionals, is having and employing tools to make them more efficient when completing recurring tasks, like managing detailed location records, complex ownership documentation, sortable, reportable and dashboardable data and annual Item 20 updates, at the click of a mouse. Yes, clients that use our Franchise Legal/Compliance Solution can also populate the top five tables of their Annual Item 20 Update, with the click of their mouse.

With our Franchise Relationship Management system in place, legal and compliance teams are free to stay in front of key issues and work flows – protecting the brand with compliance tracking, document management, registrations/renewals and reporting as a whole, all fully automated. Simply stated, systems reliance, not people dependence.

We look forward to seeing you at the IFA’s 48th Annual Legal Symposium – ask us how we can take THOSE frustrating reporting tasks off of your plate today.   And be on the lookout for our Expert Advice article in the May Edition of Franchising USA – “The Power of Personalized Franchise Relationship Management Programs” – if you’d like to learn more about how FRM can help your company navigate the maze of franchise relationship management.


About the Author:

Stan Friedman, CFE is a 30-year franchise executive, veteran franchisor and President of FRM Solutions, a “franchise-centric: technology company. FRM enables franchisors to better manage their relationships with prospective and existing franchisees. Stan is a member of the IFA Supplier Board, a Board Member of the Southeast Franchise Forum and a founding Board Member of the IFA Diversity Institute. In 2011, the IFA honored Stan with its Ronald E. Harrison Diversity Award, previously awarded only seven times in IFA’s 5o+ year history. Stan also co-hosts Franchise Today, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with C-level franchisors, franchisees and suppliers, all of whom share nuggets with the audience, about how they’ve achieved sustainable growth, through “sensible” franchising.

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