Quick Tips for Using FRMs January 2018 New Features

Quick Tips for Using FRMs January 2018 New Features

We’re often asked by our clients how best to use FRM new features or new features. Well – this is your guide to understanding how best to use those new features.

Our January release boasts some very cool new things. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on the two features that put more power in your hands and we all know – with great power comes great responsibility.

Bulk Messaging

Let’s start with the ability to communicate in mass with leads and contacts. In compliance with CanSpam laws, we recommend only sending emails and texts to people who have opted into receiving communications from you.

Bulk Text Messaging: This is best used for current franchisees or very qualified candidates. Ever since FranchiseHelp published data in 2016 arguing how much more engagement is when sending messages through text.

Need to send a quick note about updates, appointments, or reminders? Texting is the way to go. If you’re going to send to leads or contacts make sure you clearly have an opt-in and out on your form options or a statement in your privacy policy about how you’ll use their mobile number.

Bulk Email Messaging: Sending bulk email messages is great for both managing communications with franchisees and leads or contacts (candidates).

Map Search

The best use for Map Search is when you’re looking for a holistic view of leads, locations, opportunities, and territories.
It’s a visual tool that allows you to view a pin-drop on a map of where current franchisees.

For more information on these new features and more click here to watch the overview video or here to read more about each feature.


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