The Microsoft Advantage

The Microsoft Advantage

As I began to think about the conversations that I will have with franchisors in NY at this week’s International Franchise Expo, the one message I want to share with franchise executives attending the show stems from a very powerful truth – “Confused Minds Make No Decisions.”

I am left scratching my head in wonderment when I think about the amount of money that is invested into lead generation by many companies that don’t have the wherewithal to properly manage the leads they generate, much less the expectations of their prospects. Whether franchisors like it or not, GOOGLE has forever changed the way information must be made available and today’s prospective franchisees expect to be able to gain access to information when and how “they want.” Today’s prospect wants the ability to self-direct his discovery and due diligence and often does not want a conversation with your sales team until later in the process. The game has changed and it’s mandatory for franchise brands to adapt in order to thrive.

“SELF DIRECTED discovery.” Today, prospects want the ability to learn, discover, and virtually test-drive brands they’re considering without a sales representative lurking over their shoulder. That said, they still need to be tethered, provided a roadmap of sorts, to keep their discovery on track and guide them as they navigate their way through their self-discovery process. Not terribly different than the mile markers and road signs that we all look for on any journeys that we take. Remove those from the road, or block one’s gas gauge, preventing the driver from knowing how much further he can go before refilling and that trip will just never be taken. “Confused minds make no decisions.” So – how can franchise development executives provide prospects with this type of direction? Better still, how can you assist in providing them with the tools required to make smart and informed decisions and also give yourself a birds-eye view of everything that they are looking at, without compromising the “self-directed” experience they crave?

One answer – work with FRM Solutions to create a personalized Candidate Experience for your prospects, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.

Our best-in-class solutions are a mix of these two hallmark Microsoft products – equipping franchise development pros with powerful tools that offer candidates the experience they want while providing individual sellers and management teams with all the insights into every single file they are clicking on and viewing in the process. While our solutions are all cloud-based, Outlook users are treated to an additional bonus, as they can actually perform all of their duties without ever leaving the Outlook environment. Here’s how:

  • All correspondence is integrated (and saved) in both FRM and Outlook
    No cutting and pasting required – all notes and e-mails are automatically saved directly in the prospect’s record
  • No need to worry about e-mails being tracked to locations or records – it’s done for you
  • Any task, calendar event or activity is documented right in the candidate or location record, regardless of which brand representative was engaged by the candidate
  • And historic archives and notes are being created that will move along and become housed in the location record if and when the prospect buys. All, available at the simple click of a mouse, for time in memorial.

So – with the right Microsoft-powered tools in your arsenal, franchise candidates have the freedom they’re seeking and franchise executives can steer the ship from a distance; tracking and documenting all activities in one location. It’s a roadmap to success, as confusion will give way to clarity and decisions will be made more quickly and efficiently.

I look forward to seeing you at the International Franchise Expo. Let’s find some time to talk about how FRM Solutions can help your company navigate the maze of Franchise Development Management – opening the door to accelerated and sustainable growth. And remember, no long-term contract requirements, you’ll stay with us because we deliver what we promise! “No excuses, just solutions!” FRM Solutions, best in class for Franchise Relationship Management.


About the Author:

Stan Friedman, CFE is a 30-year franchise executive, veteran franchisor and President of FRM Solutions, a “franchise-centric: technology company. FRM enables franchisors to better manage their relationships with prospective and existing franchisees. Stan is a member of the IFA Supplier Board, a Board Member of the Southeast Franchise Forum and a founding Board Member of the IFA Diversity Institute. In 2011, the IFA honored Stan with its Ronald E. Harrison Diversity Award, previously awarded only seven times in IFA’s 5o+ year history. Stan also co-hosts Franchise Today, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with C-level franchisors, franchisees and suppliers, all of whom share nuggets with the audience, about how they’ve achieved sustainable growth, through “sensible” franchising.

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