FRM Solutions provides products and services designed to maximize success and optimize growth through enterprise-level Franchise Relationship Management

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Franchise Sales & Candidate Gateway

Take control of your sales process and build a captivating brand narrative

Engagement is Everything

Decrease the length of your sales cycle and increase the quality of your franchisees.

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Franchise Information Manager

Put legal and compliance at your fingertips, in the office and in the field

Align Your Teams

Make sure everyone has the right information, right when they need it.

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Project Planner

Gain insight into project timelines and achieve quality results. Bring your various teams, and your franchisees, together to complete projects

Manage Any Project

Organize and analyze everything from construction to training and onboarding.

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Site Visit

Maintain brand standards to ensure sustainable growth. Complete audits on mobile or tablet and provide franchisees with immediate results

Empower Your Field Team

Build and maintain quality franchisee operations.

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Franchisee Gateway

Build a strong franchisee base by centralizing important tools and information

Keep it Simple

Franchisees can manage projects, stay informed and request support in one place.

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Case Management

Provide your franchisees with real-time support. Triage technical issues, business interruptions and general questions

Avoid Interruptions

Help your franchisees focus on running their businesses by addressing problems quickly. Push requests and issues directly to the right team.

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Royalty Management

Streamline your systems, track royalties and invoice franchisees. Avoid errors and repeat invoicing through automation

Automate Your Processes

Simplify royalty collection and decrease team workloads through an automated system. Integrate directly with your POS and ERP platforms.

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Franchisee Product Ordering

Provide franchisees with what they need, accurately and on time

Achieve Quality Service

Help franchisees order and maintain proper inventory to serve customers with excellence.

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