Franchise Sales & Candidate Gateway

Your brand narrative and candidate journey are all your own. No matter where you reach your leads or how you get them to “yes,” FRM streamlines your pipeline management to maximize your success. To us, success is more than the number of deals you close. We facilitate your processes in a way that allows you to build quality relationships with candidates, so you bring in quality franchisees.

Build Your Pipeline with Franchise Sales
& Candidate Gateway

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving.”

Conrad Hilton, Founder Hilton Hotels

  • Never miss a new lead, and immediately identify hot opportunities through automation and custom dashboards.
  • Keep candidates engaged through each stage of your sales process by building a story in your personalized WordPress Candidate Gateway. Help candidates see themselves as part of your story. Nurture your pipeline with automated drip campaigns, too.
  • Don’t lose touch with a candidate. Email syncing for PC users, activity tracking and key milestone monitoring ensure you stay on top of your pipeline.
  • Actually use your pipeline, instead of just managing it. Extract key data about activity, lead source ROI and forecasting through out of the box or custom reports.
  • Send, receive and track fully compliant FDD e-signatures so you cut down on those race-against-the-clock moments.
  • Input data, export insights. Anything that goes into FRM can be pulled back out in the form of a dashboard, view or report, just the way you need to see it—at any level of your organization.
  • We have an open API, which means that you can integrate your best in class solutions with ours to do things like send SMS messages through FRM.