System Status

System Status 2020-08-13T22:11:51-05:00

System Status

System Status
Single Sign-On Up
Dynamics CRM Up
Franchisee Gateway Up
Candidate Gateway Up
Site Visits App Up
Email Tracker Up
Power BI Up
Reports Up
Text Messaging Up
Electronic Signature Up
Email Marketing Up
User Management Degraded

Communication from Hosting Services Team

  • 8/13/2020 11:10pm ET – Microsoft Azure experienced an outage in the southeast that impacted all Microsoft services for approximately 45 minutes. Services have returned to normal.
  • If you experience an error when using User Management, please submit a support ticket through Client Support.

Product Release Notes

Site Visit

  • Page loader to prevent multiple save events
  • Show store # and other info in site visit header
  • Expand comments on saved reports by default
  • Show comments on submitted site visit report
  • Dock save/submit toolbar at top of the form
  • Don’t automatically select default answer on multi-choice questions
  • Improve speed to load and save site visits
  • Modify Schedule Site Visit dialog to allow more than 150 locations in drop-down list
  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to track location temporary closures
  • Item 20 report bug fix for brands with international locations


  • Track duration each lead/opportunity spends in each status and stage
  • Multiple notification recipients for checklist tasks
  • Addition of event log entity
  • Twilio users can now use their own SMS number
  • Lead Activity Counts Report
  • Additional Pivot Report Options
  • Deactivated Locations cannot be scheduled for a Site Visit
  • Updated Relationships to fix issue with emails showing wrong date in activity feeds when records reassigned
  • Lead Source can now be set automatically via Email Capture Sources
  • Misc. updates and fixes for Royalty Management Reports
  • Changing the dates on checklist items multiple times should no longer produce duplicate emails
  • Checklist performance has been substantially improved for most operations
  • Added dialog to test Email Capture without creating leads
  • Enabled dashboard and additional entities for CRM Mobile app
  • User Signature is now automatically added to manually created emails
  • Added Calendar to the Sitemap in web client
  • Added Bulk Sending of SMS Messages
  • Greatly reduced whitespace for Site Visit Template editor so more items are visible on the screen
  • Site Visits can now be saved while in progress
  • Site Visit Manager attachments now display thumbnails and can be deleted.
  • Site Visit Manager load progress bar is now much larger and has a progress spinner in the middle of the screen
  • Fixed script error on lead form when the lead was deactivated and the do not email field was checked
  • Fixed script errors on user form “Personal Form”
  • Fixed script error on email form when sending email in Chrome to an unresolved email address.
  • Added additional metrics for leads to Campaign Cost Metrics report
  • Fixed calculations with Campaign Cost Metrics report where multiple campaigns with the same name existed