Franchise Information Manager (FIM)

Whether you are one brand or many, FRM is designed and can be customized to meet your needs. Franchisors rely on accessible, relevant and real time information to make informed operating decisions. Interdepartmental communication is easy to tangle without visibility into other teams’ activity. FIM helps align your different strategic goals, with the right information, to improve the way you serve your franchisees. With FIM, your organization can demonstrate a unified front and work together to reach a common goal: sustainable growth.

Stay in Control with Franchise Information Manager

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

Carly Fiorina, Former CEO Hewlitt Packard

  • Cut down on overlaps in communication with franchisees, or amongst your internal team, by organizing your activities and notes.
  • Track key franchise agreement details, automate dates and build custom workflows and alerts so you don’t miss a franchisee’s important contractual milestones.
  • Easily add or manage multiple brands, as well as both corporate and franchise locations. This isn’t true for just location management—adjust reporting, forecasting and dashboards for a view of your entire system health and growth.
  • Retain important records. One day your franchisee will come to you and say, “Remember that (insane) promise you made me 2 years ago?” Holding on to past communication and historical notes and documents makes addressing these scenarios a lot less painful.
  • Automate time consuming tasks. How many hours and dollars does it take you to build out your Item 20 every year? Use FRM’s out of the box Item 20 report to automate the process in a matter of minutes.