Franchisee Product Ordering

Distribution of products and supplies in the franchise model comes with distinct challenges. Drawing from our team’s previous experience as franchisors across multiple sectors, FRM has launched a solution designed specifically to meet these challenges head on. Franchisee Product Ordering extends the capability of our Franchisee Gateway. Franchisees can now place orders for supplies and products from directly within the gateway they already use daily, allowing them to spend less time switching between systems and more time focusing on profit-driving activities.

Ensure Proper Inventory with Product Ordering

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Gary Brackett, NFL Super Bowl Champion & CEO Stacked Pickle

  • The interface is simple for franchisees to use. They build a cart, purchase products and easily manage payments.
  • FRM’s order management center puts their tools in one place. Here they can track payment status, inventory and shipments.
  • Product Ordering integrates with your preferred ERP system, allowing your corporate team to manage payments and shipments