Case Management

Nothing is worse to a franchisee than encountering an issue that disrupts his ability to do his job. Every minute that goes by with an interruption to business operations is a dollar (or many dollars) lost. With Case Management, FRM provides an avenue for franchisees to contact your corporate support team as soon as a problem occurs, meaning you can respond more quickly, keep a historical record of past cases, and keep your franchisees happy.

Act Fast with Case Management

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and activist

  • Case Management is designed to track the process from the initial intake of an incident through final resolution.
  • The ticketing system sits within the Franchisee Gateway and is efficient and simple to encourage franchisee use.
  • Emailing back and forth, between multiple parties, all but guarantees a problem isn’t solved as quickly as it could be. Keep all communication within the cases to streamline responses.