Site Visit

Your field team is key to the way you serve your franchisees, and how your franchisees serve your end-customers. Our Site Visit solution was built specifically for tablet or mobile use, so that you can empower your field representatives to hold franchisees accountable face to face, instantaneously providing them with feedback on how to improve their businesses.

Encourage Accountability with Site Visit

“You can't do well unless your franchisees do well.”

Richard Cole, Founder Geeks on Call

  • Build custom questionnaires with weighted point systems and varied question types.
  • Multi-brand organizations can create multiple questionnaires, unique to each brand.
  • Assign internal tasks as follow-ups to a site visit. If your legal team needs to send a default letter, or a sales representative needs to schedule a call with a franchisee who wants to grow, set a task within the questionnaire itself.
  • Custom reports and dashboards can be developed to provide you with insight into your franchisees’ scores. Aggregating and analyzing the right data leads to laser focus on needed operational improvements.