IFA: Open for Opportunity

It’s hard to believe, but this was my 25th IFA Convention. IFA membership and participation have always been an important part of my career in franchising. And now, more than ever, there is so much work to do, as we protect our beloved brand [...]

Looking Back on IFA 2022

The IFA 2022 Annual Convention is in the books, and it was an event we will not soon forget. The FRM Team proudly attended and exhibited again at this year’s conference. Here are our 5 favorite takeaways. 1.Best-selling author Michael E. Gerber collaborated with [...]

Meet FRM’s Marketing Technology Guru

The Customer Journey Matters Margaret Wise is FRM’s Chief Revenue Officer and resident marketing technology guru, but her top skill (and challenge) is keeping us all in line! FRM has a unique relationship with Arke Systems, and Margaret plays a key role in the [...]

Meet FRM’s Resident Franchise Nerd

My name is Cassidy Ford, and I am a franchise nerd. Over the years, I've learned a thing or two about franchise management solutions. I'm also long-winded, much to my team's chagrin, so here is my story in brief. I began my career in [...]

5 Things to Look For in a CRM in 2020

Strategizing for growth through a pandemic is no easy feat. The face of franchising has changed drastically in some regards in 2020, forcing us to change the way we do business. As a franchisor, you’re shifting your goals and your focus. But are you [...]

New Feature Release–September 2020

FRM announced in March 2020 that we are now issuing an ongoing series of rolling updates. In September 2020, we released one of our most significant updates in a year, which included several new exciting features. Many of the upgrades of version 3.15.0 impact [...]

Build the Perfect IFA 2020 Schedule

The IFA 2020 Schedule--Great sessions abound! In our prior post, we recommended working out your aspiration conference schedule ahead of time. There are so many great sessions, speakers and events to choose from! It’s going to take some ‘divide and conquer’ strategy for the [...]

Make the Most of #IFA2020

FRM Solutions' Tips to make the most of IFA 2020 We hope you are as excited about us for IFA coming up in just 3 weeks! We especially welcome those of you from the colder states to enjoy the balmy southern weather for a [...]


Over the past year the EU, General Data Protection Regulation, announced new regulations that require anyone who controls personal data to comply with specific set rules. It serves to empower individuals in the use of their personal information and data obtained by companies. These new [...]

How Long Does a Franchise CRM Implementation Take?

At some point in our careers, almost everyone has had to manage a project, whether we liked it or not. If you’re one of those lucky people, you know that a project’s success hinges on many factors. I’m going to walk you through some of [...]

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