Project Planner

Whether your focus is construction and real estate, or you need to manage renewals and transfers, Project Planner brings every team in your organization together to achieve a positive end result in any type of project.

Stay Ahead with Project Planner

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”

Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company

  • Track complex projects with a simple interface. You may be undertaking sequential activities or working a phased project, and you can do both with FRM.
  • Manage your projects internally, and empower your franchisees externally to complete their tasks, provide notes and upload documents to their projects through your front-facing Franchisee Gateway
  • Follow your path to a grand opening from legal to real estate to construction to marketing. You may be working toward curing a default from field operations to legal. Regardless of the path, you can assign tasks to teams or multiple assignees to ensure everyone does their part.
  • What’s your sign to open ratio? How long does it take for you to launch a new franchise? Encourage franchisees to follow through on their commitments, and on an efficient timeline.
  • Shift your entire project. Weather has set your timeline back three weeks. Instead of trying to push out each of your tasks and figure out how they impact your project completion, Project Planner’s dependencies allow you to adjust whole projects.
  • We can build custom reports unique to your needs, where you can identify roadblocks and analyze your key metrics. Never get caught without visibility into every level of your project pipeline.