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Meet FRM’s Resident Franchise Nerd

My name is Cassidy Ford, and I am a franchise nerd. Over the years, I've learned a thing or two about franchise management solutions. I'm also long-winded, much to my team's chagrin, so here is my story in brief. I began my career in [...]

5 Things to Look For in a CRM in 2020

Strategizing for growth through a pandemic is no easy feat. The face of franchising has changed drastically in some regards in 2020, forcing us to change the way we do business. As a franchisor, you’re shifting your goals and your focus. But are you [...]

New Feature Release–September 2020

FRM announced in March 2020 that we are now issuing an ongoing series of rolling updates. In September 2020, we released one of our most significant updates in a year, which included several new exciting features. Many of the upgrades of version 3.15.0 impact [...]

3 Reasons Your Franchise Can’t Afford to not Automate

No matter what your line of business, every business has somehow been touched by some form of software automation. In franchising, it could actually represent the difference franchisors gaining attracting and recruiting great franchisees or losing them completely to their competition.  This could be due to [...]

Navigating Technology for Franchise Sales

Thanks to the IFA for allowing FRM Solutions to share thoughts about how technology has changed the landscape, in terms of managing communications with prospects for your franchise. GOOGLE has forever changed the way your potential candidates are searching for information.  If your Development Team isn't keeping [...]

Relationships Don’t Just Happen!

Relationships Don’t Just Happen! Several years ago, close friend, trusted franchising peer, and well respected member of the franchising community, Lynette McKee, introduced me to Shakon Turner.  At the time, Lynette had recently hired Shak at Checkers and told me that Shak was special - [...]

The Microsoft Advantage

As I began to think about the conversations that I will have with franchisors in NY at this week’s International Franchise Expo, the one message I want to share with franchise executives attending the show stems from a very powerful truth - “Confused Minds Make [...]

People Dependent or Systems Reliant?

The FRM Difference for Legal and Compliance Professionals - “1 Click” Item 20 Reporting, Plus: Easily Sortable, Reportable and Dashboardable Data and Information As the FRM Solutions team gears up for IFA's Legal Symposium, we have also taken some time to reflect on a few [...]

IFA 2015 – 5 Takeaways

Wow - what an experience.   Despite some very real, legislative threats confronting the franchise business model, IFA Annual Convention proved that franchising is alive and well in 2015. A record number of franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers all gathered in Las Vegas in mid-February to do [...]

Recent Industry News

  FRM Solutions’ Stan Friedman Shares Take on Recent FranConnect Acquisition of Process Peak   Just before the holidays, I was asked to share my thoughts regarding FranConnect’s acquisition of Process Peak.  Some of those comments (in an abbreviated form) found their way into January’s [...]